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Video recorders from Ubiquiti Networks

Video recorders are almost permanent elements of the urban landscape. If you’re responsible for choosing these most durable and reliable devices – it’s worth to pay attention to these reputable ones. We’re the official European distributor of Ubiquiti Networks video recorders. UBNT video recorders in many aspects are superior to competitive ones. Our bestseller UBIQUITI UVC NVR Network Video Recorder 500GB is the best example of a device with great parameters. These’re dedicated devices that respond to high market requirements.

Video recorders Ubiquiti Networks – the best quality on the market!

These’re very economical proposals characterized by low power consumption. This will certainly be appreciated by any user who cares about cost-effective monitoring solutions. It’s also important that they’re very easy to implement and install. Softwares offered by the recorders are quick and easy to understand so their concept isn’t difficult even for a layman. Additional software isn’t necessary which is an additional advantage of the provided proposal. It’s worth to mention about very high resolution, which translates to the quality of a recorded material. We invite you to read the details of our proposals. If you have any questions – feel free to ask us.

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