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Surge protectors from Ubiquiti Networks

Surge protectors are very important – they protect Ethernet devices located outside. Although they’re a little bit underestimated- in many cases without them, it would simply be impossible to use a stable link freely. Consequently, repairs and failures would become an  integral part of these devices operation. However, thanks to decisive solutions, straight from the reputable Ubiquiti Networks known for proven products – you don’t have to worry about overvoltages or harmful electrostatic discharges.

Ubiquiti Networks surge protectors – ready to protect

ETHERNET SURGE PROTECTOR ETH-SP model on charge as well as all offered surge protectors form a comprehensive protection for external networks with priceless function. Thanks to their robust and built-in casing you gain full devices protection with additional profits, i.e. high-quality workmanship. Devices compatibility is ensured by well thought-out UBNT solutions, such as special links. If you are looking for proven way to deal with the risks associated with overvoltages – we encourage you to check the offer of UBNT surge protectors available in our store i.e. store of the official UBNT distributor. We cordially invite you to look at our offer and take advantage of its really wide possibilities.

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