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Rack cabinets

Technological progress enables for better and better equipment of computer rooms. Thanks to this, the technological microclimate can operate without interference and use the full potential of its parameters. Good equipment of computer rooms is also an appropriate equipment. Rack cabinet is one of the key elements. Rack cabinets are widely used not only in server rooms, but also in teletechnology, power engineering, recording studios, CCTV control rooms, as well as in many other branches of industry.

Professional rack cabinets

A rack cabinet is the name for a certain class of cabinets. The parameters of cabinets, racks and shelves are standardized and amount to 19". This is the most popular format. There is also a 10" format that is chosen a little less frequently. The capacity of racks is determined by the U-unit (1U = 1¾ inch = 44.45 mm).


Rack cabinets - a properly equipped server room

If you want to equip a server or other room with electronic devices, you should also try to get the right mounting system. This will be provided by rack cabinets. There're two types of such objects - hanging cabinets and freestanding cabinets. Hanging cabinets are installed on walls. They're designed for a smaller number of devices with much smaller dimensions. This type of cabinets can be divided into single-section and double-section cabinets. On the other hand, free-standing cabinets can accept devices with higher parameters and bigger load.


Server racks, fans, rails, shelves

Server racks must be equipped with appropriate accessories such as special shelves, fan, fan thermostat, cable organizer or power strip. Parameters that have to be personalized according to needs are very important for the selection of both cabinets and equipment.


Extralink - manufacturer of rack cabinets

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