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Fiber optic network is currently one of the fastest infrastructures enabling free and fast data transmission. Transmission takes place thanks to an optical route consisting of fiber optics. Fiber optic communication means wide bandwidth capabilities, low loss of transmission, resistance to electromagnetic interference due to the structure of cables, as well as simple installation. No wonder that more and more people benefit from fiber optics. That's why people base their access to the Internet both at home and in the work environment by fiber optics. However, in order for everything to work flawlessly, it's necessary to choose the right components of the installation. One of the key elements is ONT/ONU device.

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Price with Tax ID: 29,03 USD

ONT/ONU – a well-established network

In our offer you will find fiber optic client devices with high performance. Thanks to the order personalization option you will be able to choose the equipment with the specification you currently need. Answer the question of how many LAN ports a fiber optic client device should have, whether it should have a built-in USB port and in what standard it should be made - EPON, GPON or XGPON.


ONT/ ONU – professional subscriber equipment

At you will see a large selection of professional client devices. They include ONT, which stands for Optical Network Termination. These're subscriber terminals that terminate the optical network at the recipients. ONU, or Optical Network Unit, are devices terminating the optical network at a local distribution point. The equipment comes from proven and well-known manufacturers.


Huawei ONT/ONU

Fiber optic networks are well established in our world. More and more companies and individual customers use such solutions, because they are very efficient and comfortable. Interestingly, for some time the most popular have been passive optical networks, which use the operation of ONT/ONU devices for their work. What does such a network actually mean? Well, it's a modern technology used to build efficient access networks. The biggest advantage of such a network is, as the name suggests, passivity, i.e. limiting the use of active devices. The only such devices are those located in the central point of the network, i.e. OLT, as well as client devices such as ONT/ON HUAWEI. So if you are looking for solutions in this area, you are in a perfect place, because in our offer you will find the best available models of HUAWEI ONT/ONU devices.



Devices, which you will find in our offer are characterized by high quality and standard. Due to our extensive experience in the industry, we can offer you excellent HUAWEI ONT/ONU, which are very popular not only among our customers, but also around the world. One of the best-selling products is ECHOLIFE HN8055Q XGPON ONT (4GE+1*10GE+2POTS+2.4G/5G WI-FI+2USB), which comes from a respected manufacturer of HUAWEI electronics. The brand is known throughout the world for its robustness and high quality, so we encourage you to take a look at its products.


Extralink ONT/ONU

In the case of fiber optic installation, the key factor from the point of view of the administrator or the investor is to ensure the best possible quality of the signal to the teletechnical room. Most often there are server or rack cabinets, to which various cables, switchgears, power supplies, splitters, etc. are connected. However, it is often forgotten that also Extralink ONT/ONU devices, already installed directly at the end user or individual customer can interfere with the quality of work of devices connected to fiber optic cable.


Main advantages of ONU/ONT devices from Extralink manufacturer

We have prepared a special offer for modern and quality Extralink ONT/ONU , such as Venus GPON 1GE, which will provide the comfort of a stable and actually extremely fast fiber optic connection at home, regardless of the conditions.

Thanks to its construction, Extralink ONT/ONU allows you to connect client devices to the fiber optic network using a regular LAN cable. Most often it's a device to which the client connects his classic router, and this one then divides the signal between all logged in devices of the household.

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Ubiquiti Networks - ONU

Ubiquiti Networks is a specialist in high-tech solutions for today's Internet and telecommunications networks. The company has managed to implement a passive optical PON network.  ONU is the best example of their craftsmanship in this field. - as the main distributor of this brand throughout Europe - we would like to encourage you to check this offer - and above all with our sales hit in this subject, which is UF-NANO G GPON GIGABIT PASSIVE OPTICAL NETWORK CPE and UBIQUITI UF-LOCO, 1GB/S, GPON ONT WITHOUT DISPLAY.


Ubiquiti Networks ONU – high-class proposal

The passive optical network acts as a specialized data communication medium. Ubiquiti Networks ONU solutions are designed in every detail to serve the fully demanding users of such technological solutions. The proposal complies with the highest standards of the network - conveniently and practically enables the use of single-mode optical fibers.

The proposed solutions are configurable, very easy to install and use - so you won't have to waste time on understanding their operation. We also provide you our assistance - if you have any additional questions regarding the operation of Ubiquiti Networks ONT- we care about maximum satisfaction of each of our customers. What's more, we can also provide the best prices.

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