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Media converters from Ubiquiti Networks

Thanks to Ubiquiti Networks media converters Internet signal transmission by multimode fibers is possible. We’re glad to present them in this specialized category. Our proposal stands out with the highest workmanship quality. Ubiquiti Networks brand logo is a guarantee of reliability, which is why we’re glad to be the main European distributor of their products. Why these branded media converters are the best?  What’s missing in competitive devices?

Media converters from Ubiquiti Networks– guarantee and assurance

Thanks to them, the change of a conducting medium is very easy, although the device itself is very sophisticated. We should remember, that these devices are highly automated in their operations, and therefore much more convenient to use. MEDIA CONVERTER WITH POE F-POE is a reliable device with immense popularity and also the perfect example of capabilities offered by our media converters. It checks if data is correct and doesn’t forget about appropriate transmission mode and speed setting which is a comprehensive solution for all people who aren’t satisfied with poor quality. You should also notice that offered media converters are enriched with functional diodes – necessary for us to be able to monitor their work at any time.

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